• The Ladd Family


Yahweh is awakening the hearts of His beloved dreamers across the globe. New realms of creativity are being entrusted to those who have come to trust His heart through time in the secret place. When you have a dream or vision, do not let the size of it cause you fear or alarm! Think, plan, & dream supernaturally! Write the the vision and make it plain. We are the beloved sons and daughters of Yahweh & His scope of time, finances, understanding, and alignment is so far beyond our own that we don’t often take the supernatural realm into account when we dream. Make the room for Abba! Breakdown the walls of the box you are living, loving, and dreaming in! Family, we serve a BIG God, so let’s dare to dream, pray, and cast vision BIG.

We love you all!! Don’t you ever forget, you are BELOVED!

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