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When is the last time you skipped a meal?  For most Americans, skipping a meal is not a common occurrence. We look forward to meals with much anticipation. This leads me to my next question- When is the last time you skipped a day of being in God’s Word?  I’m guessing for many it may be more a common occurrence.  We don’t see the daily importance of God’s Word the same as we do food.  The benefits aren’t always immediate and therefore it’s easy to set it aside for “later” or “another day” when we might have more time.  But maybe there’s more in common between the two than one would think. . .

“When your words came, I ate them; they were my joy and my heart’s delight, for I bear your name, Lord God Almighty.” Jeremiah 15:16

We are to read God’s Word as though it is our food for the day, savoring each word allowing it to penetrate our heart and soul.

Savor – “to taste and enjoy it completely.”

As you open the Bible and read God’s Word, I challenge you to slow down.  Read it with the purpose to fully understand what it’s saying – savoring it.  When a verse tugs at your heart, He is speaking to you.  Give yourself permission to stop, even if mid-sentence.  Write the scripture in your journal, paraphrasing it as well as personalizing it.  Study the verse – reading it in other versions, looking up context, cross-referencing it, and researching words that stand out to you.  Sit in that verse and ask God what He is trying to say to you.  Internalize and digest what He is speaking to you. Treasure it in your heart through scripture memorization.  And then live out that verse in your life to the best of your ability.

God’s Word is life.  It is nourishment.  It feeds us, fuels us, and fills us.  It is meant to satisfy.  Just as food is vital to us physically, God’s Word is vital to us spiritually.  We only grow as we fill ourselves with more and more of His Word.  Yet, the opposite is also true. Starvation of the Word of God will lead us to spiritual death.

It’s not about routine or checking it off the list.  It’s about coming to Him and letting His Words fill you, each and every day, refreshing you so you can go refresh others.

“The purpose of our devotional time is not to jump through spiritual hoops or to fulfill some sort of heavenly homework assignment, but to sit down and eat a fellowship meal with the Lord – to commune with Him.” A Place of Quiet Rest, Nancy Leigh DeMoss

Come to Him and feast at His table.  He’s waiting.

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